About us.

WESTGOLD Engineering and Development Consultants Limited is a project design, development and management consultancy firm. WESTGOLD Engineering designs buildings in accordance with all relevant engineering and environmental codes, to meet with the client’s requests to develop the components of the building in order to ensure safety and certification.  We provide services such as Civil/Structural Engineering Urban and Regional Planning, Highways/Bridge Engineering, Dam Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Dredging & Marine Engineering, Transportation Engineering (Airports, Highways/Roads), Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering, BEME and Geotechnical Investigations.

WESTGOLD is dedicated to providing services which exceed the clients’ expectations and completely satisfy the clients’ contractual requirements.  The commitment to setting and achieving quality in all respects is the total responsibility of everyone in the WESTGOLD team. WESTGOLD is registered with COREN (EF.1438) and ACEN (F.499), among others.

WESTGOLD is a privately owned Nigeria company, which was established in Abuja, Nigeria in May 2012. The company’s dream all began in 2007, and the teething period spanned a period of 5 years before the eventual registration of the company. Over the years we have seen how the projects we handle have grown in complexity and reputation. It is therefore no gainsaying that we have all it takes to grow and to become one of the leading engineering consultancy firms, not only in the Country but also in the Continent and beyond. WESTGOLD is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Certificate of Incorporation R.C. 1030387. WESTGOLD is the dream of modern advance engineering comes true in civil engineering consultancy. We seek to export engineering and management services beyond the country’s borders. WESTGOLD’s human capacity at start up is well over 20, partners and colleagues inclusive.

WESTGOLD prioritizes its designs to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical. Our designs and management expertise employs the use of all applicable modern software, gadgets and equipment. Our vision is to inject high quality competitiveness at the highest engineering pedestal.